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Grafting the Toe
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I'm wondering if I need to frog these 3 rows of sc I've done so far. These were done as regular sc and not using the back loop. I was thinking the back loop would be used when the actual pattern started.I'm now wondering if it does indeed make a difference.
Yes, it does seem to make a difference. Crocheting in the back loop only is what produces the ridges on the front that can be seen in the close up.

All dc's are worked in the front loop of st of 2nd row below the one being worked.
That's a drop stitch, worked in the front loop only. I knew it had a name, I finally stumbled across it. This video is for working in both loops but you can easily work it front loop only I bet.

I love that pattern, if I ever do a real crochet project again that may be it.
~ GG

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