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Turn work/don't turn work
I'm knitting in the round using Magic Loop. The pattern is written for DPN, but I'm using ML instead. I know what turning the work means when knitting something flat, but knitting in the round?

For this pattern, I CO 12 stitches and then increase stitches over the next 8 rounds. On round 8, the instructions are to knit and then TURN WORK.

Now the pattern refers to rows. Row 9 is purl then turn work. Row 10 is knit then turn work. Row 11 is purl and turn work. Row 12 is knit. Then we go to round 13.

The instructions indicate that to turn the work means to "flip the work around to the other side and with the working yarn attached to the left needle, start knitting or purling as the pattern indicates."

I'm having trouble with turning the work. I'm sitting her with my needles in my hand trying to visualize what the pattern is asking me to do, and I can't do it. The funny thing is that I know for a fact that I did this without even trying when I first started knitting...but it was a mistake then!
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