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Debbie Bliss Pattern - Shawl Collar confusion
Pattern is from Book 4 - Essential Jacket - quoting from pattern:
"Shape Collar
1st row (rt side) Rib 128, turn
2nd row Rib 22 turn
3rd row Rib 24 turn
4th row rib 26 turn
Cont in this way for a further 34 turning rows, working an extra 2 sts, as before, on each row."

'As Before' Reference from previous instruction"
"Knit across 20 sts at back neck and inc 2 sts evenly, pick up and k 38....."

I began shaping, picking up a stitch at each end of the neck with each row - when all the way to the end and ended up with a giant collar very unlike the photo. I am wondering if I am supposed to add 2 stitches at each end?
Thanks for any light you can shed on this.
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