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Newbie with thanks and lots of questions
I had never touched a knitting needle before one week ago and I finished my first hat on Thursday thanks to the videos here. Now I am working on a scarf and I keep messing up. I drop stitches or twist them or something - it just doesn't look right and I can't figure out what I did so I tear it all up and start again. Will I soon learn how to recognize my mistakes?

Also, the first video I watched showed the way of holding the yarn in my right hand so I did that. Then I saw a video of someone doing it by holding the yarn in the left hand. Still don't know which is continental or whatever. But it seems faster to hold yarn in the left hand but I just can't get it down. My hand cramps and the yarn falls off and I just make a mess. Should I keep on trying to do it that way or just go back to the other way that feels more comfortable but way slower? I don't want to go to a knitting circle and be the only one doing it that way.

Also, should I buy a book or try to find a class at Joanne's or Hobby Lobby? How did those of you who had no one around to teach you learn? Thanks!!
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