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help with pattern instructions
I have been away from knitting for a couple of years. Moving to another state,new job etc.... I have made these easy socks before but part of it has me stumped now.
Instructions say:

K8 on first needle
K16 on second needle
K8 on third needle

K across first 8 stitches
Working back and forth on 16 stitches on needle two
Row 1 (rs): Slip 1 knitwise, K1. Repeat across row and turn

Row 2 (ws): Slip 1 purlwise, p15. Turn.
Repeat these two rows until a total of 16 rows have been worked.
ending with row 2

So... my question is, it only says to repeat rows 1 and 2. Doesn't say anything about needle #2 and the 16 stitches there. Do I knit those or leave them??
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