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Not sure what I did wrong!! Help!!
I am knitting a hat on circular needles, and all was going well and was getting close to being finished, when as I'm knitting in the round getting closer to my stitch marker, I notice to the left of it is a huge loop stuck in the back of my knitting! Not sure what I did. tried fixing it, but I think I only made it worse. I really don't want to rip it all out as I am so close to being finished. I only started knitting the first of the year so I'm still kinda new to all this. I wish I could post a picture so it will be clear what I am talking about. I started to work in reverse, putting everything, undoing my round and putting everything on the left needle until I got to where it all went wrong, but I think I will leave it til morning. Hope someone can help with this :(
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