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Sweater Collar shoulder pattern confusion

I am new to knitting.

I am making a sweater for my son. I am on the back panel, and am confused about what it is asking me to do.

"Shape Neck: Next Row (RS): K16(17-18-19), join 2nd ball of yarn and bind off center 11(12-13-14) sts, k to end. Working both sides at once, bind off 3 sts from each neck edge once. Bind off remaining 13(14-15-16) sts each side for shoulders."

This is the neck part of the back panel I am working on, for his sweater. So far I understand it to say this (Right Side, Knit 18 stitches for his size, join a 2nd ball of yarn if I need it, bind off 3 stitches from the neck edge once. Bind off remaining 15 stitches each side for shoulders. ) So am I supposed to stitch 18, then bind off 13 in the center, then should stitch another 18 on the left side, then I get confused about the bind off 3 stitches from each neck edge?

And if I do that I have 49 stitches cast on, so how do you do 18, on each side for shoulders, then 13 in middle? There are not enough stitches right?

Sorry if my questions are confusing, I am confused.
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