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There will be one row of 18 stitches, the second row will be 13 stitches, where I bind off three to reduce it down to 13 stitches at the neck line? Then I bind off the those stitches and start working on the front panel?
No. At the end of the first row you have 2 sets of 18 sts for each shoulder with 13 sts bound off in the center for the neck - you won't work on those at all any more.

Then on the next row, the WS, you work over 18 sts on one shoulder then BO 3 sts on the other shoulder and finish the WS row. Turn and work on the 15 sts left on that shoulder, then BO 3 on the other shoulder on the RS and finish that row. Each 'row' is split into 2 section divided by the bound off neck stitches.
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