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My needles are staining my yarn?
I am a very new knitter, so bear with me. I'm going for a scarf and so far am about 1/3 of the way through. It was going very nicely, but now my yarn (acrylic) is looking grungy and my hands get dirty whenever I knit. The needles I'm using are probably pretty cheap (I don't know much so I just chose what looked best) though they weren't super cheap when I bought them. They were blue, but naturally the ends that hit together when I knit are losing the color and I've found it's staining my yarn a dingy blue so it is starting to look pretty bad. Of course, to make matters worse my yarn is a pretty cream color and looks great at the bottom but is now looking awful.

I know I can switch the needles out at this point, but is there anything that can be done for the already-stained yarn? Any way I can soak it when the scarf is finished? Or any way I could dye it so that it doesn't show? I'd really prefer to not start over as I've come so far.

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