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Originally Posted by GrumpyGramma View Post
They look like the Boye's I have, packaged under a different brand. It's really odd that the color came off on your yarn. I suggest that you contact the seller and see about a refund on the needles. They may or may not cover the cost of the yarn. If the seller won't refund, contact the manufacturer and complain. If you bought them on line, is there the option of leaving a comment and warning others before they buy them? Before you work any more, try to find out if the color will come out. Having gone this far and have it messed up is bad enough, doing the whole thing to find out it's ruined would be that much worse. I've knitted and crocheted with aluminum needles and hooks and never had that happen. My 2 cents, FWIT or not. HTH

Denise rainbow needles are reported to transfer color to some yarns in some circumstances but apparently it's not a permanent staining. That's part of the reason I asked about what needles you have.


Did it wash off your hands with soap and water? That might indicate how well it will come off the yarn. Acrylic doesn't soak up dyes or any liquids like natural fibers, I think there is hope.
Thank you so much I am going to wash it and see how well it goes - hopefully it works out but will let you know.

Yes it washed off my hands really well and I've heard that acrylic doesn't dye so *fingers crossed*. After looking more carefully at what is happening, it's almost as if it's not so much the *color* coming off onto the yarn as the *metal* is staining my yarn. I really don't know if that's possible but my hands were getting sort of a metallic smell to them. But, who knows.
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