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Originally Posted by Antares View Post
No! No! No! And did I mention NO!!

I hate shopping and I have gotten to where I really despise the materialist nature of Christmas. I've been telling everyone for years now that we don't need ANYTHING (and incidentally, they probably don't either, but I don't tell them that, I just don't buy them anything).

This year I may not even get the nieces and nephews anything. I know that sounds bad, but I'm pretty sure after we fall off the fiscal cliff (and we will--thanks, Americans), they won't be getting a thing!
You know what? I pretty much agree. My Xmas gift giving is mostly flannel PJs for my grandkids and they get those because in spite of the fact they are too old to think grandma should make them PJs every year they still want me to do it. The PJs are something they use and I enjoy doing it. Otherwise I would probably give them money to put toward whatever they are saving for or to spend as they wish after Xmas at the low sale prices. For my DD's family, there is nothing I can give them that they need and if there is something they want they'll have gotten it before I could afford it so I'm available year round to help out when and how they need me, like taking my granddaughter to ballet tonight. There is very little I actually need and not many more things that I want. I help my son out a couple of times a year, sending anything across country is so expensive that I'd rather he have the $$ for what he needs at the time. I've never been a lot into the whole spend till you're bankrupt thing anyhow. I started the PJs when the grandkids were babies and I think I might be making PJs when they are in college! They really like having things made for them.
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