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Originally Posted by Jan in CA View Post
Interesting. However if you don't alternate every row or every two rows you end up with
When I worked them before, one side came out not obviously skewed, the other had enough extra of either the Ks or the Ps to stand out. I think the side I started on the RS looked better with less pattern disruption. But yes, it can come out looking like messed up ribbing. By working in a multiple of 4 rows, because the pattern repeat is 4 sts, it worked out pretty well. Or maybe my reasoning is faulty and it's something else that makes it work out. This time I'm going to work one side to see if it looks OK. If starting on the RS works on that one, I will try working it backwards on the other side, starting with the shorest short row first and then working past it to turn for the next. Geez, I have to be holding it and doing the sts for it to make sense to me, I give up trying to make it make sense here. Anyhow, I saw something about working short rows in a manner which seemed backwards and want to try it. If it doesn't work I'll have to use a crochet hook and turn some Ks to Ps and vice versa. I'm determined not to frog the whole thing again. If I don't make it work, I intend to toss the whole thing.
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