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FO: Pink Cabled Cardi
Phew. Finally done! I am really loving this cardigan. Especially due to the 'springiness' of the yarn. I watched a KDTV-Series 900 video where Eunny Jang and Clara Parkes were talking about 'springy' yarns. Yarns that are spun with a lot of plies and twist have more 'energy' built into the yarn itself. Energy = Springiness. I've always wondered why some yarns have 'spring' and others don't. Great info. Yarns that are springy create a sweater with lots of give. I like that. It's very comfortable. No binding, no strain.


Accurate color, taken in daylight:

Rav notes

Here is a closseup of the yarn. See how round the strand is? See all the plies?

As I disassembled the yarn...I discovered 8 plies total. Each two (plies) were twisted
and plied together, then the 4 twisted 2-plies were spun into the final plump, round yarn!

This resulted in a very 'energetic' yarn! Nice and springy!
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