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Originally Posted by yarnrainbow View Post
Lovely, lovely, lovely!

Your work is always exquisite. All stitches so even, no pulls around your cables, perfect finishing...perfect tension. And excellent pattern, yarn color selections. You don't even have a problem with flaring when you cast-off ribbing! *sigh* I'd ask you how you do it but I'm kind of afraid of your answer. ARE you a new type of knitting machine? Lol!

The real answer is probably the difference between natural talent and experience (you) and a real desire but no natural talent (me). Oh well, my grandkids love the stuff I make (and I am still gonna try to get that good)!
The only tip I have for casting off when the stitches on my needle are ribbing is: knit the knits and purl the purls as you go....or as the pattern might state: bind off in pattern.

For this sweater, it was knit from the bottom up, so I cast on for the ribbing. There is a special cast on for ribbing, too, but I forgot to use it! I just did the ole longtail cast on.

Thanks for all your kind words!
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