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Great ideas and thanks !
Hi Ronda,
Thank you for the suggestions,I will read them more carefully later. I do have a question about if this or all necessitates a cell phone , or ipad, or those type of products ? I don't own a cell phone (I'm a hold out, I know. It's just that I feel even an ordinary telephone has become an intrusion rather than a convenience to me. I digress. I do own a laptop, and wanted to know if this is something that could be applied to a regular (non Apple) style computer. I have tried the suggestion from GG , which I'm using and (highlighting) and it is working nicely. I'm open to more ideas and comparisons in how much can be stored . Originally, I was as best be described as rewriting the pattern, and crossing off where I left off , it was terrible and tedious. I just didn't feel very enthusiastic about knitting that way. As I'm getting older I need to keep track to lessen mistakes and frustration.
Best Regards,
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