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Welcome to KH and welcome back to knitting.

Making the font larger in a print out is a great idea. I don't do that (yet), but I do often copy and paste patterns from PDFs into Word documents and then double space them before printing them out. I also take out extraneous information and change serif fonts (such as Times and Times New Roman) to Arial making it easier to read.

If I'm doing a repeating pattern, say, for a lace scarf, I stick a paperclip on the side of the paper to mark which row I'm on and then I move it up and down as I work through the repeats. This works pretty well because the paperclip is highly unlikely to fall off and/or get moved around easily.

I've used a sticky note to mark charts; however, I'm always afraid the note will come off and I'll lose my place. So I often mark the chart in pencil, too, especially if I know I'm going to be away from the project for awhile.

Those are my semi-low-tech ways of keeping my place in patterns.
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