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Originally Posted by salmonmac View Post
What yarn is it, btw? I haven't seen the 900 series yet but Clara Parkes certainly does know yarn. Good lesson on energetic yarn, thank you.

Each segment of the new 900 Series has a 'sit down' with Clara Parkes and Eunny Jang. Clara shares information about yarns. I learned a lot from this 900 Series. Very informational. I liked hearing what Clara has to say. She's like a yarn scientist. I respect her views and reports about yarn more than any other 'expert'. She isn't promoting one yarn over another. She makes no money by talking up a particular yarn. I've found her yarn analyses to be spot on. Much to my chagrin...I wish I'd read some of her analyses before purchasing some yarns that were awful. Well, at least I know why now...
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