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Vintage matinee jacket
Thanks, but the following line in K1, P1. The row after that is K1 *(KB1.,(wf.sl1, K2tog.,psso.,wf)3 times, K4, wf., sl1, K1 psso, K5, K2tog., wf., K4 (wf.,sl1., K2tog., psso wf)3 times, rep from *to last 2 sts, KB1 K1.

This matinee jacket is knitted from the neck edge down. Once the lace yoke is complete the stitches are divided and worked on separately to create the two fronts, two sleeves and the back.

If you put wf in the previous instruction and then repeat it in the following instruction you are essentially wrapping the wool around the needle twice. I have never come across this before.
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