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YO, PU1, YO, PU2??
I am a newbie to the world of pattern knitting. I've only done basic scarves using the garter stitch or stockinette. Right now I am wanting to start a shawl that is absolutely gorgeous but some of the directions are throwing me off and I need clarification. The directions are as follows:

Cast on 3. Knit 8 rows as:S1PW, K to end. There should be four slipped stitches along each side of the work.("I get this part. Now on to where I am lost.") Turn work 90 degrees and pick up stitches in each of the slipped stitches as follows: YO, PU1, YO, PU2, YO, PU1, YO, PU3 on cast on edge. (14 stitches)

How do I turn it 90 degrees? Does that mean go through the slipped stitches on both sides to make it double thick? and I understand the YO, and picking up of stiches, but I don't understand the numbers after it. Does that mean I yarn over, pick up one stitch, yarn over pick up two stitches?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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