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Stuck with it...
and it paid off! I had the hardest time with a new pattern. Well, new to me. I'm working on a corset pullover pattern from Interweave knits that came out sometime in 2005? Anyway, I had been struggling for the past month to just get it started. I had a really difficult time understanding the pattern. Yesterday I was so determinded, I spent a few hrs. looking over the pattern and counting stitches and what not finally worked for me. Once I got a hang out of these crazy directions, it was very nice going. VERY happy I cracked the code. It's so much fun!

Did you ever have a pattern that you stuck with, through thick and thin and eventually you just got the hang of it??? SO worth it!!! I may not be the fastest to pick something up, but boy oh boy, I am persistant!!!
~ Lisa
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