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Thanks for the advice. Here is a bit of the pattern. This is a pair of mittens worked on 3 double pointed needles in the round, and this is the cuff section of the mitten;

Needle 1; Horseshoe Cable pattern
Needles 2 and 3; 1x1 Bias Ribbing pattern

Note: As Bias Ribbing pattern progresses, you will need to shift stitches between Needles 2 and 3 to compensate for increases and decreases in stitch pattern. Work 4-5 repeats of the Horseshoe Cable Panel to desired cuff lengths.

Rounds 1-4: *K1, P1, repeat from * to last stitch
Round 5: K2tog, *K1 P1, repeat from * to last stitch
Round 6: K2tog, *(P1, K1), repeat from * to last stitch

Rounds 1-4: P1, K12, P1
Round 5: P1, C6F, C6B
Round6: P1, K12, P1

Repeat rounds 1-6 for pattern."

So, I am working a 37 stitch round, where the first 14 stitches are the Horseshoe Cable Panel and the last 23 are the Bias Ribbing pattern. Somewhere between rounds 5 and 6 it keeps going wrong, which is after the decrease-increase part. The pattern isn't clear how many stitches I should shift and in which direction. Or maybe I am just being dense ?!

Any help would be much appreciated !!


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