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K1 *(KB1, wf)twice, (wf.,sl1, K1, psso, wf)twice, K3, wf., sl1, K1 psso, K7, K2tog, wf, K3, (wf., sl1, K2tog., psso, wf)3times rep from * to last 2 sts, KB1, K1.
There is a note on the front of the pattern which says 'where wool forward occurs twice in succession, on the following purl row, purl first wool forward in the ordinary manner and then purl into the back of second wool forward'
I realize after your first reply that this line is relevant.
Can you please tell me how many double yarn overs I need to put in the line above as I think I have put too many in and have had to undo it. Many thanks for your help.
I only have a hard copy of the pattern.
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