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Originally Posted by salmonmac View Post
You're doing great. You've knit across binding off sts along the way. Now you're going to turn at the end of the row and purl back across 7sts, drop the working yarn, skip the bound off sts, start a new end of yarn and purl across the 56sts, drop the yarn, skip over the bound off sts, start another end of yarn and purl across the final 7sts. You'll have 3 separate sections of knitting on the needle (7sts--56sts--7sts) each with its own strand of yarn attached. You're going to work all 3 at the same time with its own end of yarn. After you've knit like this for x many inches, you'll knit across with one end of yarn, casting on over the bound off sts and you'll be back knitting only one large section of the sweater.
Thank you so so much for your expertise and words of encouragement.
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