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Hi Jade!
Wow that is a cute dog posing in that sweater!
Personally, I think that sweater would be a little hard for a beginner but we all have different definitions of beginner.
I have done a dozen or so fair isle projects but they were all in the round.
I tried a test swatch for a fair isle sweater knitted flat and realized I couldn't do it during the semester because I would need lots of spare time to practice knitting with the floats in front. It's probably just a psychological thing.
I do recommend trying to do a mini version of the design repeat just to see if you get it. If I were doing this I would cast on at least sixteen stitches in my main color. That's so I have enough for the fourteen stitch chart 1 plus an extra stitch on each side. I would knit for a few rows with the main color then attach the contrast color and try following the chart.
However, if you decide you aren't ready, then you could always knit this in one color and then follow the chart on the finished piece with duplicate stitch.
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