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That is so precious. If that doesn't warm the cockles of your heart (whatever they may be!) I don't know what would. She deserves a new sweater and matching hat and the ones you've picked out are beautiful. Her mother is trying to teach her good manners and that's great, so few kids seem to have anyone to teach them those things anymore. It's different between grandma and grandchild, and they should be able to let us know things like that. Her mom may not have any idea how much it means to hear a child say "That's ok, Nana. I'll wait. Cause I want a good one."

My grandson and granddaughter both like hand made things. Every year I ask them if they still want me to make them PJs for Christmas and every year they do. One set for my grandson is way too small for him but he won't give them away. They both wear sweaters I've made them and remember to say, thank you.
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