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Help!! Debbie Bliss Cable & Rib Sweater with hood
Hi All,

This is my first post here and I am hoping some of you can help me with a knitting emergency!!

I am knitting (and have been on and off for several months!) a baby cable and rib sweater with hood by Debbie Bliss from 'baby cashmerino 2'. I have been struggling with the hood and thought I had nailed it only to read ahead in the pattern and I think I have gone VERY wrong!

I realised this when I read the instructions for the front borders: pick up and knit 82 sts along right front edge and right side of hood. However the way I have knitting the garment this does not seem possible as my right edge and my right front border don't line up (pic attached should explain better!)

I think the problem could of stemmed from when I shaped neck/started hood as I struggled with that part of pattern and got into a right mess. The instructions for this part were:
With right side facing k across 10 sts on right front holder, cast on 48 sts, knit across 10 sts on left front holder. 68sts.
Can anyone tell if this is were I have gone wrong?

I have been knitting this jumper for soooo long (since I was about 6 months pregnant and my little boy is now 6 months!) that I just want to get it finished but keep getting stuck!! Help would be much appreciated!
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