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Novice Knitter Question: HELP! Scarf Curls up.
Total newbie knitter here. I'm using the Long Loom to single knit a multicolored scarf but my prototype curled up into a tube and wouldn't lay flat.

I've checked message boards and googled for assistance but I need confirmation.

I was told it was my use of only a knit stitch and that if I just knit one row, purl one row this should solve the problem. Someone else said I should also finish each row with a purl stitch before moving on.

This is supposed to be a Christmas gift for my Son who is, like his mother a HUGE Doctor Who fan... (I'm making him the 4th Doctor's Scarf).

Since I am brand new to this experience... I don't want to have to knit 8 inches of scarf to discover if this is working or not.

Can someone please do me a solid and confirm that this IS in fact what I need to do?

And please, I beg of you... use "Dumb down" speak because I really don't yet have a handle on all of the terms. :-) But I do have access to youtube tutorials. LOL

Thank you so very much!
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