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Originally Posted by GrumpyGramma View Post
The cable cast on seems plenty stretchy to me and not nearly as futzy. I'm not good at guesstimating the length of yarn needed for long-tail cast on and I hate ending up just a little short or waaaaaaaaaaay too long. Sometimes I think just because something is more complicated people think it's better.
Gotcha! The 'tensioning' for the Jeny cast on was a hot mess. If you cast on too far away from the previous worked cast on stitch, you are TOAST. Trying to cast on 126 Jeny'd have 1,260 failed cast on stitches. 1 good one out of 11 tries. Aaaargh.

The only thing that would motivate me to try the Jeny again would be as a requirement for the Master Knitter's Certificate. Period.
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