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FO: KDTV Dropped Stitch Scarf
I watched Series 900 of KDTV (Knitting Daily TV) DVD's. Sooo much information, very useful, new, fresh!

Anyway, a simple great scarf was demonstrated on the show, Episode 904. The Tencel Dropped Stitch Scarf. Here is the free pattern. If the pattern itself isn't on the page right away, just type Tencel Dropped Stitch Scarf in the Search box. It is a free downloadable pdf pattern, and I was able to put it in my Google Drive (Cloud) so that I have it across all of my devices and pc's. Google Drive, as most of you know, instantaneously syncs across every device, laptop and pc that you have the software (free) installed. It's really nice to be able to open any device...laptop, tablet or smartphone and have instant access to any pattern in there! Google Drive will even store WORD doc patterns too, so you can save your Knitty patterns in Google Drive as well. You're allowed 5GB free space, and patterns don't suck up that allotment.
(photos and videos do)

The scarf is basically garter stitch. The st st columns will be "unzipped" (dropped) after the final bind-off row. NOTE: very important....each knit stitch either side of the st st column are knit through the back loops on RS and WS. This twisted stitch "locks" the st st (to be dropped). The twisted stitches either side of the dropped stitch prevent the dropped stitch from mooshing into their space. So that's the hardest part of this scarf pattern: remembering to twist those knits on either side of the st st (that will be unzipped)

The bind-off is interesting. So pay close attention to that. It's written in the directions. form a 3-st 'bridge' over top of the dropped stitch as you're binding off. (click link...can you see it?) This allows the "unzipped" column to spread. Each dropped stitch will expand to the width of approx 3 st.

The scarf was 4" wide before 'unzipping'. Six inches wide after unzipping. I didn't block this scarf. I'm giving it away today to my BFF. I gave her the cardigan that used the majority of the yarn. I knit it for me, but it "grew", and became sloppy on me. Top-down construction and raglan sleeves are OFF MY KNIT LIST these days.

This scarf was knit with the 53g leftover, about 161 yds. The scarf is 6" x 45", and Kay will be delighted with it. She treasures the cardigan! I had only worn it 2 or 3 times to church, and she drooled over it every time.

FRONT, before unzipping...

BACK, before unzipping....

Being constructed...

Use of stitch markers is paramount to successful knitting...because the twisted stitches (that flank each of the st st column) are very apparent from the RS, but not the WS.

Even with stitch markers, you have to pay attention...don't miss those twisted (thru back loop) stitches!

More photos on my Ravelry project page....

This is my yarn....impulsively purchased in 2008 at a Yarn Festival (like a Stitches).
NOTE TO SELF: stay away from Yarn Festivals....a sweater's worth of this yarn was $$ridiculous$$
I haven't attended this Pacific NW version of Stitches since 2009....
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