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Originally Posted by Jan in CA View Post
Oh that's pretty!!

You've raved about those DVDs. I'll have to think about getting them.
I'm telling' ya....the KDTV DVD series are THE BEST THING I've ever watched, Jan! For $39.95 you have $3995 worth of CLASSES! And you can watch them over and over again. I've learned sooooooo much. I've been tremendously inspired to do new things, improve others.

I will never EVER spend another dime for fleeting 'classes' at events like Stitches. Or even my LYS. Unless you just plain like 'to join' things like 'classes'...and I don't need the association at the rate of $20-$30 per hour....I save my education budget for the new KDTV Series. You REALLY get your money's worth.

I can see the value of basic classes, and other specialty classes, don't get me wrong. But I've been burned on some costly classes of little value. I've NEVER felt burned with the KDTV DVDs!
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