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Originally Posted by GrumpyGramma View Post
OK, I'm looking at the DVD listing. Where should I start? I'm not sure how much I have to spend right now, I might get 2 sets. Please advise.

I look forward to seeing your socks. Will you do 2 @ a time to avoid SSS, top down, toe up....I look forward to reading about your adventure...when the time comes keep us updated, please. Inquiring minds want to know...why haven't you done socks?
I've never knitted socks mainly because they are futzy little things. Same goes for gloves.

I hate working with DPN's.

I don't wear socks.

But I totally admire all the beautiful socks I see displayed! I sometimes wear footies at my art shows when the homeowner has a No Shoes policy (very common). Pantyhose under my cropped slacks makes me too hot. If I could knit a pretty pair of knee socks that would STAY UP, that would be very nice, and useful.

I've seen the different methods...toe up, cuff down, two at a time, one at a time, dpns, magic loop, etc.

It's mind boggling.

No worries about SSS with me. I'm too goal-oriented and driven to the Finish Line to knit half a pair of socks! I do believe I'd prefer focusing on one sock at a time. And probably cuff down.

What is considered the standard?....toe up or cuff down?

Eunny Jang did a great lesson on knitting the gussets. It was easy enough, just futzy.

I'd suggest getting the KDTV series IN ORDER, that is, starting with Series 100. But you might also like to grab the current new one, Series 900.

I say IN ORDER cuz sometimes I don't see the earlier DVD sets/series for sale at all on their website! If you get one series, you'll want them all!
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