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Originally Posted by GrumpyGramma View Post
I finally found on the site that the d/l is mp4 format. I think it should play on my computer, but I don't know for sure. I emailed them about it, told them I run Linux, think it would work, if not could I get a refund. I could save it to computer and on a usb stick. Watching it on the computer wouldn't be a problem for me as long as it works.
The Interweave Customer Support is pretty darn good. One time I accidentally paid for two DVDs that were the same thing....not at separate times! AT THE SAME TIME! Paid for with my MC.

Bonehead, that's me. I realized it a few hours later, emailed Interweave Customer Support....someone messages me back the next day, saying not to worry. They removed the other.DVD from my order, cc charges reversed. Matter of fact....the double never even showed up on my cc statement. Just the one charge.

If their downloadable videos were specific to ONLY PLAY on a particular OS...and let's say not Linux or not Leopard (Apple)....there should be a disclaimer before you pay. Such as, "not viewable except on xxx or yyy OS."

OR, "you need Windows Media Player to views this video", etc.
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