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Originally Posted by suzeeq View Post
See, I don't knit sweaters in pieces so once I'm done knitting, the sweater's done and just needs to be washed...
Oh, gotcha!

I mostly always 99.99% of the time knit in pieces. I don't like one piece top-down construction for myself. I'm okay with the body being knit in one wide piece, bottom-up, until the armholes shaping whereupon the upper body for Back, Left Front and Right Front are then knit individually. Then sleeves are knit separately, preferring flat construction, cuff up... rather than in-the-round.

Pieces lend themselves to greater blocking parameters and possibilities. But I have 3 blocking versions depending on the.project,.the yarn, etc.

My newly knit sweaters never need cleaning cuz I got them soiled during knitting, but certain yarns SURE DO NEED CLEANING, especially natural colors where the animal fibers weren't given more BATHS. Malabrigo Merino (natural white) will turn your wash pan water to a mocha color from the hidden filth that still lingers inside the yarn, prolly from the fields where the animals rolled around!

Did our knitter mention how her son's sweater is constructed? One piece? Separate pieces?
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