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FSOT: Hummel Figurines
I will trade one figurine for enough sock yarn to make one pair of socks. Any takers? Or I will sale them for $20.00 each.

Still available. Make me an offer.

I have two Hummel figurines to sell.

1) Boy on Fence (no label)

2) School Boy (label included)

Both of these are in very good condition and I find nothing wrong with them other than being slightly dull looking from sitting and collecting dust. I’m asking $20 each or $35 for the two of them. Mailing is included for US. I accept PayPal.

I also have the school girl, but sadly she has damage. I will let her go to whomever would like to have her for $5 to cover the cost of mailing. If someone wants all three, I will not include her mailing cost.

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