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Originally Posted by ABC's Mom View Post
That's where I got the patterrn. Had some difficulties with the wording on the armhole shaping for the back. Finally got it and the fronts went much easier.
The sweater is done in charcoal using "Shepard's Wool" made here in Michigan. It's not "fluffy" like the yarn shown in the picture, but then my daughter isn't the fluffy kind of woman.
I think that is every knitter's toughest step.....deciphering the language and expressions in the pattern itself! It's not the actual DOING of the's UNDERSTANDING what you're supposed to do!

I finally quit knitting the sweaters of one of my all time favorite Swedish designers. She writes up her designs in Swedish, but somewhere in the translation....things go awry. Plus, you can always count on errata, especially if the design is newly released. Gah! I was ALWAYS scratching my head...."is this just a language thing....or is this an error?"

I'm sure your daughter's sweater will turn out beautifully in the Shepard's Wool. It will last longer, wearing well without a thousand pills that age a sweater prematurely.

Be sure to post final photos for us, eh?

And, what is your Ravelry handle? Or, if you'd prefer not to publicize it, 'friend' me over there....I'll friend you back!
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