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Originally Posted by nittineedles View Post
That's disgusting! If I should ever buy that I will wash it before I use it.

It's not so bad when I'm picking through a raw fleece, you expect that but not at Malabrigo prices.
Oh let me show you my photos! You're gonna die!

This is my "natural, un-dyed" Malabrigo yarn, all wound up in a nice neat cake!

This is the "wash water" after I had soaked and slightly swished the Fronts and Back of my Viveca cardigan. The 2rd "rinse" (after the wash) finally came "clear" murkiness.

This is my Viveca cardigan...blocked and seamed! Cast-on to final photo was July 23-Sept 7...not long at all.

Who knew that so much dirt was hiding inside the fibers of that beautiful white "cake" of Malabrigo!!??
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