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slip stitch diamond pattern
I got stuck on this too, here is the answer (barring typos):
Row 1: *Cross 2R, k12*, cross 2R
Row 2: and all even rows: P
Row 3: K1, *cross 2L, k10, cross 2R*, k1
Row 5: *K2, cross 2L, k8, cross 2R*, K2.
Row 7: *K3, cross 2L, k6, cross 2R, k1*, K2.
Row 9: *K4, cross 2L, k4, cross 2R, k3*, k2
Row 11: *K5, cross 2L, k2, cross 2R, k3*, k2.
Row 13: *K6, cross 2L, cross 2R, k4*, k2.
Row 15: *K7, cross 2R, k5*, k2.
Row 17: *K6, cross 2R, cross 2L, k4*, k2.
Row 19: *K5, cross 2R, k2, cross 2L, k3*, k2.
Row 21: *K4, cross 2R, k4, cross 2L, k2*, k2.
Row 23: *K3, cross 2R, k6, cross 2L, K1*, K2.
Row 25: *K2, cross 2R, k8, cross 2L*, K2.
Row 27: *K1, cross 2R, k10, cross 2L, k1*
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