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Originally Posted by LoveBugAngel View Post
I'm a bit upset. Since deciding to sell to those I know, I have been wearing my scarves kind of as advertisment and then knitting them on my lunch break at work. A colleague asked me to make her one and she'd buy it. A few minutes later another colleague (who I don't really know well, just to see her face) asks me for the pattern, I told her I get them on ravelry. She turns to the lady who asked to buy from me and says "Don't worry I'll make you one for free"! I also gave this woman my dishcloth pattern, turns out she knitted the cloths for the ppl who wanted to buy from me. UGH so frusterating. I am NOT giving her my scarf pattern! If she wants it she can go on ravelry and find it herself.
Use your knitting talents in a generous way, donate what you make..tons of charities need/want scarves especially with winter approaching (where I live anyway)..I always knit "nicer"(nice yarns, nice patterns) to give away..just my 2 cents...

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