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Originally Posted by Ingrid View Post
Kaffe Fassett, who is the King of Intarsia knitting, recommends using long strands rather than bobbins and butterflies. The strands get tangled, but they are easier to pull out periodically than trying to keep the other options straightened out.
Hi Ingrid! Do you remember how long the sections were that were easiest for you?
I ask because I'm imagining the whole skein as a section. So far, I've only done two and three color projects and even then the skeins were a real bother. I want to try more intricate colorwork but it's a little frustrating.
I recently watched this youtube video where Brandon Mably says to use a "manageable length of yarn", but he doesn't really define what that is. It looks to me like he's holding a strand that's not too much more than arms length. He starts the color tutorial around the 6:00 mark. All those ends, it makes me shudder to think of weaving them in.
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