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Sheesh! What's with these ol' biddies?

I was thinking last night (great incite in the shower--you know!) that if she tried this with me, I might turn around and ask her to make ME a scarf. After all, she has no problem making everyone else one, so why not make one for me, too.

Then, if she followed through (which I doubt she would), I'd ask for two or three more. Meanwhile, I'd either unravel her scarf and reuse the yarn in one of mine or if it was up to par, I'd sell it to someone else and then throw that fact back in her face.

As you can see, people like this who try to use others as doormats really tick my tock!

From now on you should write down some meaningless complicated URL that gets them nowhere! Why give them anything if they're going to act like this?
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