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Debbie Bliss ..... not bliss
I have been a knitter for around 35 years now, so I would consider myself to be reasonably experienced. However, I've been knitting a lot from my 3 Debbie Bliss baby knits books, and have discovered that most of the patterns in them are quite badly explained.I am knitting the gorgeous rabbit bootee's in the 'nursery knits' book at the moment, but even simple instructions like how many stitches should be left on the needle. are missed out. I managed to complete the teddy bear all-in-one suit recently, but I relied on guess work and common sense most of the time, as instructions were very vague. I love Debbie Bliss projects, but how I wish more time went into preparing the patterns and explaining things properly. Has anyone else experienced problems with her patterns, or is it just me??
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