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Kal with colorwork
Argh. Usually I think it's fun to doa mystery dishcloth and I'd lie to do it with the colors, but I'm so confused.

Row 1-3 Knit across with DB
Row 4: k7(DB), p2(BL), k6(DB), p3(BL), k13(DB)
Row 5: k7(DB), p1(BL), k1(W), p5(BL), p1(BL, k2(W), p1(BL), k13(DB)
Row 6: k7(DB), p1(BL, k1(W), p4(R), k1(BL), p3(W), k1(BL), p10(DB),
Row 7: K8(DB), p1(BL), k4(R), p4(W), k1(BL), p10(DB), k3(DB)
Row 8: k6(DB), p6(BL), k3(R), p2(W), k1(BL), p10(DB), k3(DB)

There are big jumps. Do I need to add a new little ball rather than jump 10 stitches? I just haven't ever done intarsia or stranded colorwork before.

BL black, w white, r red, DB dark blue.

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