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Stockinette Seed Diamonds Question: Beginner
Hello all!

I am a beginner knitter and am right now working on getting the different types of patterns down. As in, I have not knit anything other than a scarf.

I have The Complete Photo Guide to Knitting and am using it as a guide, and am currently learning how to knit Stockinette Seed Diamonds. My pattern looks *very* different than the book's pattern. I am confused because I have carefully followed each line, making sure to knit and purl correctly and carefully.

I have two questions:

Might it look different because of the type of yarn? I am using Red Heart Super Saver yarn because while I am still learning the basics, I do not really want to invest in good quality yarn. Might this be a bad idea?

Also, when I am switching from knitting to purling in a row, do I always bring the yarn back and forth over the needle?

Like the instructions will say p1, k1, p1. Do they assume that I am bringing the yarn over and back? or will it say yo (yarn over)?

Thank you so much for reading!! I truly enjoy knitting and am hoping that this community can help me share and learn.
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