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One good thing about the DVD set: they're very organized. Four DVD's, each divided up into 3 or 4 shows.

So you can start with Episode 1 (101) called Luxe and Luscious....then move on to Episode 102 called The Sweater, then Episode 103 called Amazing Lace. That's the last on Disc 1.

Anyhoo, it's not going to be a time suck unless you want it to, if you have more time, spend more time.

Yeah, I sometimes stop an Episode, back track it again and again, so I can try a new technique.

NOTE: keep a list of your favorite things and what Episode they're in. Easier to locate it again.

Something I really really really liked about these earlier Seasons....they included lots of Weaving segments, and Spinning segments..two things I knew ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about.

And although I'm not a crocheter, I enjoyed the short segments about crochet. Knitters should have a basic knowledge of crochet, especially edgings. I got some good ones there.
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