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Carrying Alt.Color While Knitting with Both Hands
¡Buenos dias! I am knitting the (six pairs of) mittens in the KnitPicks Woodland Winter Mittens kit. I just naturally knit the main color German style (yarn in left hand) and the alternate color English style (yarn in right hand). Carrying the main color behind the alternate is pretty easy; but carrying the alternate color is ... ... I bring the yarn from right to left behind the needles, hold it down and make the stitch with the main color & take the alt.color back, every other stitch. Of course, the alt.color yarn likes to fall off my right index finger when I do this. Am I being stupid? Is there any other way to carry the right hand yarn? I have tried knitting both yarns German-wise, but with such small, fuzzy yarn it just makes tangles, and frustration. sniffle, sob, weep! muchas gracias por all suggestions!
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