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Off topic thread - Jan said move here!
This is the last post from Jan from this thread

This topic when AWOL a long time ago and the OP (artlady) joined in so I think it's okay.. I suppose we should start a new thread for KDTV in the lounge. Go for it!

I have had Dells for years with no problems, but I know some people complain. Then again there's a lemon or two in any bunch. One of my DD has a Mac and loves it. I'm too used to windows at this point and my DH couldn't handle it. He can use google and email and I'm always helping him as it is.
So here we are!

Did I tell you I have a Dell? I might have, I don't remember, but I do have a Dell Inspiron 6000 and I've had not a problem with it. Of course, Windows on this is ancient history now. For the videos I think I'll plug in the other monitor, this is LCD and it's LED and bigger and would provide for greater viewing pleasure. I might even figure out how to have the 2 screens have different displays so I can have my video on the big one and whatever else I want on this screen.

I want to start my videos tomorrow, who else is getting in on the fun? I have season 1 of the Knitting Daily videos, I plan to start at the beginning.
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