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Thank you all for the kind words.

And yes, it is a wonderful colour - but not the same as in the pictures I am really bad at photography - f.ex. I had to make 21 pictures to get the ones above, the other 19 were blurry I really have no clue how to get the right colour... I do wish there was yarn in this colour though, I would buy it in a heartbeat.
The yarn I use is YASMINA (KL 1182) and it is a deep purple colour (deeper than the text coulour) in real life. In the next photo's you might see that, as they were taken on different times during the day and give a different outcome

I took Antaras' advice and made a lifeline before I started to decrease.

A bit blurry, but I hope it shows what I was doing: just sewing the rainbow-yarn through the hoops while knitting along.

Here is the end result:

I really like the roundness in the picture of the Albem Bag on the patter - so I decided not to decrease in one row but over more rows. I tried some different things, as you can see in the Pattern Central thread and had decided on decreasing the 6 outer stitches to 2 by ssk and k2tog. Then 2 rows later (decreasing only on the WS) I decreased again by k3tog or sssk, whichever looked better. I'm not quite sure what I did in the end, but I somehow managed to make it look not too shabby and then I had to bind off while the pattern was screaming for another twist in the cables. So I thought "whatever, I have a lifeline - lets go crazy" and I just continued the pattern and the twists whilst binding off. I had never done that before, but it worked out quite well even if I say so myself:

Of course, I did make some mistakes but I managed to go back and fix those - no need for the lifeline, yet

Yeah... that's what the binding off looked like at some point. I have no clue where my head was at. I guess I was so focussed on getting the twists right that I just forgot to bind off some stitches

So, that is that for the front. Now I just had to do the same for the back - only without the binding off part. And so I did, but then I started thinking... If I would fix the strap to the sides of the front and back, I had to follow the rounds edges. That was the idea: to make the bag a bit round. But this would leave just a small opening, and a narrow one as the sides would be sewn in. I had not thought about that before, but it suddenly struck me. One solution would be to only sew the strap vertically and make special "side straps" to go round the edges - just to cover them up, not to be part of the "bearing strap". Can you follow? But even then the bag opening would be narrow.
So after I had decreased like this on the back, I decided against it and went back to the lifeline situation I was so happy I had the lifeline - it worked like a charm

So I was back to following the pattern for the back-piece, instead of stubbornly insisting on round edges... I do really wonder about the picture that goes with the pattern though... how does it get that round?!?

To be continued
It seems so easy...
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