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My first sweater. Help with pattern
This is my first sweater.

I am following the Pert Classic Pullover pattern, size large, from the Lion Brand Yarn website. I managed to knit the front and back and moved onto the first sleeve.

It starts with a 2.5" long k1 p1 rib. Then you k 1 row and p 1 row. After this I think I ran into trouble.

The pattern says: "Knit, inc 1 st each side - 52 sts. Continue to work in St st, AT THE SAME TIME, inc 1 st each side every 6 rows 10 times - 72 sts. Work even until peice measures 11.5" from beg, end with WS row."

SO, I thought I got through the increase section, ended up with 72 sts on my needles. BUT it was already about 15.5" long from the beginning. So, I think I did something wrong.

Here's what I did:
I knit a row, increasing 1 st at each end (row 1). I then flipped the work and purled across (row 2), flipped knit across (row 3), flipped purled across (row 4), flipped knit across (row 5), and flipped purled across (row 6). I repeated this 10 times, ending up with 72 sts on my needles.

What did I do wrong?

My resulting peice is about 9.25" wide at the beginning (which is correct according to the pattern), and about 20.25" wide at the end (across my 72 sts). The pattern says it should only be 15" max. And, like I mentioned, it is about 15.5" long from the beginning (this includes the 2.5" of ribbing).

If it is just a matter of my gauge being off, I would love suggestions on how to move forward.

Thank you!
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