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THE SAME TIME, beg shape neck front as foll: Working raglan shaping as described above, bind off from each neck edge 7 sts once, 5 sts once, 4 sts once, 3 sts once, 2 sts twice, then 1 st once - end with WS row."
Whenever I have decreases like this, I draw out a diagram of the decreases and check them off on each side as I go:

VV2------------------ ---2VV

You can't bind off at both edges on the same row. You'll need to do the first bind off of 7 on the shoulder that's on the left of the diagram, knit to the end of the row, turn onto the WS and work back to the gap at the neck. With a new strand of yarn, bind off 7 on the other neck edge (the right side of the diagram) and continue to the end of the row. Turn back to the RS and continue binding off each shoulder in the same way, at the beginning of the neck edge. (Your armhole edge raglan decreases are going on at the same time but it was more than I could do on the keyboard.)
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