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Thank you I can't wait either

So where was I... Ah, back to the pattern for the back:
Knit the next row, decreasing 8 sts across 36 sts. Knit 1 row more.
That seems doable: just knit. But then what happens to the cable pattern? Wouldn't it be nice to continue that pattern for a bit - like the front piece, where I also decreased while keeping the pattern? And so I did something different than the descriptions said - again.
I need to decrease 10 stitches in a pattern with 5 cables, 6 knitted columns and 12 purled columns. I already played a bit with this in my tries, so I knew it would be least visible in the purls. Leaving the outmost purled columns alone, there would be exactly 10x2 purls to be decreased to 10x1 Wonderful when the math is this easy
So for the back piece I followed the pattern for 3 more rows, as the front piece went on for 4, and decreased the purls in the 4th (where the front piece was bound off). This worked like a charm.

Now I had to go on to the flap. But I couldn't just knit a row now, I had to figure out a way to neatly transition. For this would happen if I did not:

It is not a very clear photo ( sorry), but what I try to show is how it looks now I've knitted the purls next to the knitted columns into a knit. I hope that makes sense You still see a purl here, because this was done before I decided the back should be decreased differently (so this one was still with decreases on the edges).

I thought a bit, and then I just had to use the cable-technique to branch the purled columns outward. And so I did:

Now one "knit the knits" row back and I could start with the flap-pattern. I couldn't follow this to the letter either, as I had 46 stitches to start with, instead of 36 - but I already fixed this in the "try outs". The pattern has a repeat of 8 stitches and I added a stitch to either border. So the knitting of the flap went quite smoothly

So, this is what I got:

But then I tried to "flip the flap" to see how it would look:

I think that is a bit short. I like bags where the flap stays put even without the button... It needs some more overlap... But that is something to do when I have the time. Right now the clock is ticking and I still need to make a strap.

To be continued
It seems so easy...
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